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About us

Triesta Sciences is an innovation-driven molecular and clinical genomics-based diagnostics laboratory

Triesta Sciences, a unit of HEALTH CARE GLOBAL (HCG) Enterprises Limited is the one point, state-of-the-art solution for cancer diagnostics, Genomics (Next Generation sequencing based diagnostics) biomarker and translational research, laboratory services and clinical research services. Based out of Bangalore, Triesta Sciences is an integration of Laboratory services, Research and Development and Clinical Research with a focus on innovation, quality and accuracy for better diagnosis and prognosis of Cancer.

Triesta Reference laboratory is the largest network of CAP and NABL accredited high end oncology diagnostic laboratory service provider in the country offering a comprehensive range of routine to highly specialized diagnostic tests for hospitals, medical institutions within India and overseas .

Our Research Services

Triesta is the one point solution for clinical research, biomarker research, laboratory services and bio-repository. Triesta conducting the clinical trial and fosters research collaborations and strategic partnerships with local, national and international Universities, Research Institutes, Multinational and Indian pharmaceutical and biotechological companies


Our entire spectrum of diagnostic tests have underwent the most rigorous accreditation process by the premium national and global agencies

  • CAP Accreditation

  • NABL Accreditation

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