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C-Reactive Protein CA 125CA 15-3CA 19-9Calcium CarbamazepineCarcino-embryonic antigen (CEA)Catecholamines - Urine 24 HrsCeruloplasminCholesterol - TotalComplement C3Complement C4CortisolC-Peptide CreatinineCreatinine Kinase(CK)Creatinine Kinase-MB(CK-MB)CSF Beta 2 MicroglobulinCSF Protein ElectrophoresisCSF- LDHCyclosporineConjugated - BilirubinCLL Panel by FISH Conventional Karyotyping (chromosomal analysis)CD 34 EnumerationCD4/CD8 CountCLPD panel-1 (CD5,,CD23,CD19,CD3,CD10,CD79b,CD38,CD200, Kappa, Lambda)Colorectal Cancer Panel CBC- Complete Blood CountCold AgglutininsComplete Hemogram-CBC + Peripheral Smear StudyCytochemistry (MPO)Cytochemistry (PAS)Coombs Test-IndirectCoombs Test - Direct Cervical Pap Smear ReportingCutting Charges per BlockCytology (Fluids and Sputum)Cytology and Cell BlockCA 19-9CA-125CalcitoninCalponinCalretinin CD 10CD 1aCD 20CD 23CD 3CD 30CD 34CD 4CD 43CD 5CD 61CD 117(c-kit)CD 138CD15CD 22CD 31CD 45 (LCA)CD 56 (NCAM)CD 68CD 79aCD 8CD 99 (Mic2)CDX 2 CEA Chromogranin ACyclin D1Cyto keratin (CK)/Pan CKCyto keratin 20 (CK-20)Cyto keratin 7 (CK-7)Cytokeratin 14Cytokeratin 17Cytokeratin 19Culture and Sensitivity - Blood (Aerobic) Culture and Sensitivity- Blood (Anaerobic) Culture and Sensitivity - Body fluids (Specify site)Culture and Sensitivity - Cerebro Spinal Fluid Culture and Sensitivity - PusCulture and Sensitivity - SputumCulture and Sensitivity - StoolCulture and Sensitivity - Swab (specify site)Culture and Sensitivity - Urine C- Kit Mutation AnalysisChimerism qPCRC-ANCAChikungunya IgM – RapidCMV DNA PCRCMV Viral Load (Quantitative)Complete ANA ProfileCytomegalo Virus IgG AntibodiesCytomegalo Virus IgM AntibodiesCryptococcal AntigenCysticercus IgG Antibodies